Scale and Balance Accessories

Accessories can provide added protection for your scale or balance, and also can increase performance and boost efficiency. Certain industries require adherence to a particular set of practices or standards. Printers, weighing pans, and other helpful tools are available to ensure accurate readings and best practices.

GLP guidelines are easy to follow using Adam printers and data collection software. To simplify data collection, Adam DUTM software enables users to capture data from any Adam Equipment balance having an RS-232 or USB interface.

Adam offers several accessory kits that can simplify certain applications. Combined with our precision or analytical balances, Adam's density kit makes density determination easy and precise. A temperature calibration kit for the PMB moisture analyser can help maintain proper settings of the temperature sensor and heating element.

Weighing equipment is a valuable investment, and with proper maintenance and protection, it can provide years of service. It's important to keep your balance or scale clean and secure. Adam offers in-use wet covers to protect your balance during use, and dust covers for use during storage. Several models offer carrying cases, enabling easy transport and providing protection. For added security, locks and cables are available to help ensure your balance remains where you leave it.

Category Accessory Dust Covers

Dust Covers

Dust covers can protect a stored balance from dust and dirt, which helps ensure precise results by maintaining the integrity of the balance.

Category Accessory Security

Security Devices

Featured on many precision and analytical balances, Adam Equipment's security devices help prevent theft.

Category Accessory In Use Cover

In-Use Covers

Adam's in-use covers are ideal for messy applications, helping to prevent damage from accidental spills and allowing easy clean-up after measurement.

Category Accessory Software


Connecting a balance to a laboratory network allows workers to efficiently gather measurement data. Technology advances in balance-to-network connectivity have paved the way for Adam Equipment to offer new solutions for data collection, such as Adam DU.

Category Accessory Density Kit and Hooks

Density Kits and Hooks

The density kit combines with a precision or analytical balance to make the process of density determination easy, reliable and precise.

Category Accessory Communication Cable

Communication Cables

Adam Equipment offers a choice of cables to connect a balance, scale, indicator or moisture analyser to a computer or printer. Cables include RS-232, and RS-232 to USB (nine-pin male to USB type A male) connector.

Category Accessory Carrying Case

Carry Cases

Designed specifically for certain scales and balances, Adam carrying cases are solidly constructed and provide protection and security during travel, transport or storage. Features include stainless steel corners, foam cushioning inserts, shoulder straps.

Category Accessory Printers and Paper

Printers and Paper

Simple to operate and set up, the ATP thermal printer is ideal for data output from Adam balances and scales. The ATP features speedy set-up and easy-to-read LED indicators. Multi-lingual text support provides up to 26 international language character sets.

Category Accessory Ramps


Ideal for use with bench, floor and platform scales, Adam Equipment's ramps are constructed of mild steel and facilitate loading and unloading heavy or oversized items such as drums, pallets and barrels.

Category Accessory Scoops and Trays

Scoops and Trays

Stainless steel scoops are available in a selection of sizes and are ideal for use in food measurement or in counting applications.

Other Accessories

Other Accessories

Adam Equipment offers a range of additional accessories to help enhance and improve scale and balance performance.

Category Accessory Weights


Adam Equipment offers a selection of OIML-certified calibration weights. Adam’s OIML weights are available in sets or separately.