Sustainability icon - adam equipmentSustainability

Adam Equipment is committed to reducing the impact our products and packaging have on the environment. We continually take steps to minimise our carbon footprint through improved sustainability practices.

Product Packaging

Product packaging can substantially add to waste at the local level. That's why Adam Equipment has adopted a policy of "reduce, reuse and recycle." Almost all of our cartons are made from recycled materials, and we reuse boxes whenever we can. We're taking steps to reduce and gradually eliminate our use of polystyrene products, such as Styrofoam and plastic packing. We're increasing our use of molded pulp (egg crate) packaging, which is made of recycled paper, cardboard or other natural fibres. Where practically possible we will continue to design our packaging using this material.


We recycle waste raw materials created in the production process whenever possible, in addition to recycling cardboard packaging, office paper, toner cartridges and end of life IT equipment.

Operation Manuals

All product manuals are available on our website for download. This means we use fewer valuable resources to print multiple copies. To save paper, we're working to reduce the length of manuals.

Energy and Facilities

Adam Equipment believes in using resources efficiently, and we regularly examine environmentally friendly solutions to reduce electricity consumption.

Some of our Adam buildings have been fitted with LED lighting, which use 50 percent less electricity to operate compared to incandescent, fluorescent and halogen bulbs. In all our facilities, we encourage employees to switch off the lights when they're not needed, and to turn off computers and monitors when they're not in use.