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Catering / Food Service and Production

Adam Equipment's digital food scales for weighing vegetables, meat and groceries in catering and market environments.
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Laboratory scales for scientists and laboratory professionals. Our selection of lab scales include precision balances, analytical balances and moisture analyzers.
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Adam Equipment's health and medical scales with accurate BMI calculation. Baby scales, BMI scales and body fat scales for hospitals, doctors clinics and gyms.
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Industrial and Commercial

Industrial scales including robust crane scales and pallet truck scales. Parts counting and checkweighing features ideal for heavy-duty industrial weighing.
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Our range of scientific scales for schools. Education scales include digital scales, mechanical scales and portable precision balances for science education.
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Portable jewellery scales for weighing gold and precious metals, diamonds or stones. Adam's range of jewellery scales feature high precision weighing with up to 0.001g resolution.
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Vet / Animal

Adam Equipment's vet scales for zoos, animal shelters and groomer use. Our safe and secure animal weighing scales feature fast, dynamic weighing applications that can capture the weight of moving animals.
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Shop scales and retail scales for commercial applications. Our trade approved retail weighing scales come with checkweighing and percentage weighing features. Ideal for supermarkets.
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