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Balances and Scales
National Regulator for Compulsary Specification

 NRCS Certification
Adam products have been independently tested to meet the Compulsory Specification for the Safety of Electrical and Electronic Apparatus - VC8055 and have the NRCS letters of authority. Many scales and balances currently being imported into South Africa by others do NOT meet the standards

Adam Equipment is a major global manufacturer of scales and balances to a high quality standard our products had been tested to meet both the EC and SA safety standards.

In South Africa NRCS decided that to meet the legal requirements the testing had to be carried out by an IEC approved testing laboratory and letters of authority from NRCS are required for importation, Adam have the LOA's. Many other scale importers do not conform.

When you buy such products do you know it meets the safety standards? When a supplier does not confirm their products are approved should you take the risk, what if it is unsafe and a claim results?

A cheap purchase now might prove to be an expensive mistake later. Before buying ask if the product has an LOA from NRCS to make sure you are buying a product that meets the compulsory specification for the safety of electrical and electronic apparatus.